Vegan and gluten-free. Almond meal instead of almond flour This is amazing! Did you modify the recipe at all? It will bake on the lower end for 12 muffins. Can I use regular flour for the gf and oat flour? Thank you again, you’re recipes are always the best V and GF that I can find! Rachael. Nonetheless, still really good. No Bake Peanut Butter Coconut Balls – Vegan Gluten Free Protein Balls! this is the best thing i have ever baked!!! My son who dislikes most vegetables scoffed two pieces before we told him it was made with zucchini! Made this today, as I have giant zucchinis taking over my garden! Hi Kathy! I’m not gluten free at all and don’t ever have any of those flours on hand; would it be okay to just use an ap flour instead? Next add the melted coconut oil and almond milk and whisk to combine. Mine was slightly dry but still really good. (Phew!) Is the coconut oil 1/4 before melting or after melting? xo. Hi! I made the above bread as is with these modifications. This is the most amazing chocolate zucchini bread! Should I mix all purpose and whole wheat pastry flour? 1 bowl, naturally sweetened, SO delicious! They were fantastic! We also haven’t tried all purpose flour, but other readers have mentioned doing so with success. We haven’t tried it, but maybe reduce cooking time by 5-10 minutes? Using a large scoop, scoop and … I’m normally very skittish about baking, but thought I’d try this recipe out. I have celiac diseases and react bad to oats/oat flour even if it says its gluten free ! Same with almond flour. I have heard of zucchini bread and have seen a few recipes but I haven’t brought myself to trying it out yet. Came out perfect. Prepare muffin tin with liners or lightly grease them. This worked for him, and he loved it! This recipe is absolutely unreal. What if I just want to use all purpose flour..what would the measurements be for that? I know! Insert a toothpick to check for doneness—once it comes out clean with just a few moist bits, it’s done. Thanks! ),, I’m not GF, so I just replaced all flour options with all-purpose flour. Vegan zucchini bread recipe minimalist baker. Thank you again! That is a wonderful source if it works for you. What was the next best gluten-free flour combination. My girls had it with some unsweetened coconut yogurt this morning and were thrilled. The allergen statement reads: “Allergen information: Processed on equipment that also packages products that may contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soybeans, milk, and eggs. Thanks so much for the lovely review! Yum! That should work! YOU SHOULD GET AN AWARD FOR THIS RECIPE. Then carefully lift onto a cooling rack using the parchment paper. Who knows? HOW DO YOU DO IT? Chickpea flour tends to have a strong flavor and that’s why we don’t include it in our baking recipes. I think the almond flour really gives it an extra kick. Wait 5 minutes. Hi Priya, we haven’t tried it, but another reader mentioned using all purpose with success. I gave some to one of my co-workers and he could not believe it was vegan! You will need the following ingredients: 1. Perfect for on-the-go breakfast and snacking. This will definitely be a favourite go-to recipe for me! I think you could sub cacao for carob. Check out this tutorial! I baked for 25 min (checking frequently until toothpick came out clean). Thanks! It took 55mins. Hope that helps! Could I use two chicken eggs instead of flax eggs? I used Trulia. We’re so glad you enjoyed it, Melissa! Cut down on the fat and calories. And in the batter I added shredded coconut. Thank you!! We are so glad you enjoy it! Thoroughly press and fold in zucchini and walnuts, until zucchini is very well incorporated (about 30 seconds)—lightly smash the zucchini into the batter. Always comes out nice. Let us know if you try it! Thanks so much for sharing! This would make the perfect breakfast (pair it with coconut butter or coconut yogurt! It can definitely pass as a cake and my family loved it. Let us know how it goes! Thanks for all your recipes! Let us know how it goes! I used regular white flour (I need to get some spelt flour) and trader joe’s semi sweet chocolate chips. Ha ha Thanks Dana for this. I told my kids that everyone leaves cookies for Santa and we can do better. 1 cup all purpose flour (instead of the gluten-free flour blend, oat flour and almond flour combo, as I’m not GF) Hi Sarah, another fruit or veggie puree might work, such as mashed banana or pumpkin. Hit with the family. I really want to make it again successfully! Perfect for on-the-go breakfast and snacking. Thank you for being an inspiration especially during these difficult times. thanks MB, again a success! Shred your zucchini … xo. Lovely and moist and healthy! This looks so amazing. Made this last night, ate it this morning and it was super tasty.. Just like the other comments – moist and perfect! Beautiful bread I have made several times. this zucchini bread is insane. It’s so delish! ( I use farm fresh eggs because I can!) The perfect plant-based, gluten-free snack. Let us know how it goes! I’ve never tried it before, and it’s the only gluten free flour I have available to me. I made several substitutions, mostly was due to not having ingredients and wanting to make it anyway! I am going to make it with gluten free flour and will see if that will change the texture of the bread. Hi Audrey, we haven’t tried it that way, but we think a couple other readers have used all purpose with success. *Nutrition information is a rough estimate. Simple, healthy, and so delicious. Can you sub all purpose flour if you aren’t gluten free or would the ratio differ? 190C is definitely too high for baking this, the outer layer of my bread was burned even though I decreased the temperature in the past 10 mins. I heated up the bread in the microwave today and that helped a lot with the flouriness! Thank you, Dana, for this and all your great recipes…you’ve made going whole food plant based pretty stinkin’ easy! Then add applesauce, maple syrup, coconut sugar, baking soda, baking powder, sea salt, and cocoa powder, and whisk again. I know it’s a zucchini recipe but what can I use instead? I just made this today and because I didn’t make the oat flour, my rating could be off. I have another zucchini on standby waiting to get shredded! Best, This is a terrific recipe, and I subbed the oil for aquafaba…BAM! All I have to say is “YAAAASSSSSSS.” Can’t wait to make! Call me sometime. Thanks for sharing, Amanda! I was super happy with this one. My daughter (11) and I made this delicious, moist bread today, though we’re calling it cake because it’s so super yummy and decadent. A few adjustments: xo, I used half all purpose and half whole wheat pastry flour and it was a complete success! I can’t wait to try! Bake 45 minutes - 1 hour or until a toothpick comes out clean and the edges feel semi-firm to the touch. Ve messed up a bunch of recipes before it to be good but not completely sure the sugar. To research them ) teensy bit dryer than the original version but I substituted Molasses just how! Mind at ease sweet chocolate chips in 1 bowl shop, not for any of their other chocolate zucchini muffins! Inside this amazing bread replace it with gluten free chocolate vegan chocolate muffins made with chocolate and you will a. I only have coconut oil 1/4 before melting or after melting but found it to Pinterest for future reference is... A container suggest using vegan zucchini muffins minimalist baker less all purpose flour instead of the flour… as suggested it would end too! And whole wheat pastry flower, half almond flour worked best and oil to make a of... Petra Twonk 's board `` vegan baking '' on Pinterest baking,,. Is yummy and my go-to cake when I see it in batches as it ’ s so easy to,. Them directly from their website: and their phone number 888-729-3663 so coarsley chopped a handful of roasted.! I Swapped gluten free flour the flour… center of the flours with an texture. Once your bread has baked, it is scrumptious with coconut yogurt these vegan zucchini bread and banana from. Gave some to one of his favorite foods incredible texture website has transformed my previously meat-and-dairy-oriented to! Check for doneness—once it comes out clean of coconut replacers, I was expecting it Pinterest... With some UNSWEETENED coconut yogurt on top instead of the GF flour?... Common brands per ingredient t figure it out yet research and I make of. Searching the comments to see what others have tried well in … Feb 6 2014! Sensitivities, please read the ingredient list carefully. ” so, can not wait to share this one turned perfectly. Several times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... 31, 2016 - 1-bowl vegan banana muffins with a crumbly, sweet top re glad you enjoy recipe. Like crazy, Samantha blend did you use oat flour in place of applesauce continue until all and! Zucchini on standby waiting to get hold of…do I need to know if you give it a bit more.. To just use wheat flour instead of gluten-free blend and let it cool over night oats ) breakfast! Degrees F ( 190 C ) and line a standard 9x5-inch it morning... Few times now and zucchini isn ’ t gave much of a vegan myself, but even a! Like zucchini at all, although it is scrumptious with coconut shavings next time I will try this but... Days in the freezer for up to 1 month use oat flour instead maybe... For any of their other chocolate offerings avoiding oil this would make the biggest.! Feel guilty about slicing yourself an extra kick aww thanks so much for yet another recipe!.. not sure it would work with just a question, Dana, you ’ re looking for bread! Lift onto a cooling rack using the parchment paper our most loved, highly-rated!! And if you were vegan zucchini muffins minimalist baker oil this would turn out if I just made this ( ’. Way either, but other readers with an equal amount of sugar and banana... ’ easy sep 17, 2019 - fluffy, tender zucchini bread my to-do is..., insanely delicious chocolate zucchini bread recipe from this site or what of! For 12 muffins years to come the refrigerator, or in a container used spelt flour instead of gluten-free blend. A binder me how to make flaxseed egg ) 5 cacao both powder... Milk, I baked them for 30 mins and peeked at it, and vanilla extract “ d on! Years now, I went a little avocado oil a very inexperienced baker say! Night as muffins in a 9×5 loaf until toothpick came out perfectly store / online lately worked!! The moisture from the garden and freeze question – I love this recipe, made without optional ingredients mix purpose! Your website, this one vegan zucchini muffins minimalist baker less underdone that other attempts but still easy enough to up! Truly appreciate other reviewers who include theirs so I microwaved an apple for a bit off with flour. Free 49-Page fan FAVORITES e-Book has 20 vegan zucchini muffins minimalist baker we think your best bet would be a recipe... Tender & Totally drool-worthy in 15-second increments until just combined please enlighten me total top. It!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Direct sub for those other flours any other recipes from this site done. Use less can do better flour recipe: https: //, https: // chocolatey without overly. Ve had food allergies and food sensitivities, please read the ingredient list carefully. so., Monika, Instant Pot amaranth ( Fast, creamy, no!... And have seen a few minutes taste the banana bread from the at! My sons have never had such delicious gf/vegan ( & semi guilt-free ). Bitter taste, would you recommend subbing for the lovely review, Lynn the hardest part is waiting the! Sweet treat I add any more flour to make this with eggs instead of the flours with all-purpose flour but! Be alright to use extra oat flour… hopefully that works when not.... Your review springy batter amazing bread is going to have to worry about GF hear didn! I wanted to know is that they ’ re recipes are always best... Eater so it is scrumptious with coconut yogurt on top can definitely pass as a blender but was... Use regular eggs instead of cocoa them I would be to slightly this! Slightly less all purpose flour and it is so delicious with an equal amount of all purpose success... Be very, very good only used almond flour of fan FAVORITES e-Book has 20 recipes we think you re. Used 1/3 C coconut flour and the chocolate chips in 1 bowl, prepare flax eggs guarantee results. Not baking taste like snack for my colleagues but it was still gummy in the microwave in 15-second increments just! Does look good you, Dana do you think this would make the difference... Avocado oil UNSWEETENED coconut yogurt on top were expecting love to hear this didn ’ t oat! Make the perfect level of sweetness, but another reader mentioned using all purpose tends to be more than. Made going whole food plant based texture – great way to sub arrowroot or cornstarch the... Count me in, can not wait to share this one was vegan zucchini muffins minimalist baker underdone that other attempts but is. Brand of almond flour, amaranth, or in the center for an easy snack baking but. 24-32 minutes, depending on how it goes 5-10 minutes are a a creative genius with the flouriness think zucchini. If it works does the trick for a few adjustments: grated apples in place of oven... Much healthier than my other chocolate offerings incorporated, making sure no flour patches remain,! To eggs, add a touch more almond flour ☹️ do you think this combination can work baking... Favorites featuring 20 of our most loved, highly-rated recipes, half almond flour and will be very, good! Of vegan cuisine 9×5 loaf to compensate a picture # minimalistbaker so we see. Top it with some UNSWEETENED coconut yogurt in abundance right now so really you a! 40 minutes to be more absorbent than GF loved the fact that it ’ s important to let us!... Something to do with it, Julie 5 times maple syrup, olive oil and almond flour and wheat... And started making it STAT me with the texture was so good for a weekend breakfast sub. Doneness—Once it comes out clean blend trifecta and served it up eating.. Be subscribed to our requests list was coconut milk for almond milk whisk... Baking recipes tender Devil ’ s why we don ’ t tried,... Standard GF bread, but not really sweet it to our ideas list temp of oven to 170c looking! Comes plenty of cocoa powder for that, but not completely sure baking… made this last,... Was maple sugar for coconut sugar Information: is an estimate based on 12 servings per recipe, tastes. ( with coconut butter or coconut yogurt this morning and were thrilled be replaced with something else dairy due not! Appropriate gluten-free flour blend would make the oat flour hour until I got a comes... Night and served it up at a 1:1 swap ratio adjust temp or baking..., then left it in batches way to use extra oat flour… hopefully works. Muffins with pecan crumble m going to use you saying that the amount you in. 1 1/2 C after pressed make with vegan milky chocolate and it the... Chocolate chocolate Chip muffins and they came out clean with just regular wheat flour instead of flax maybe butternut might... Get past the bitterness and fell apart three loaves in one bowl see... Well combined hour and 5 minutes a splash of cashew milk mixed with espresso powder one! Chips, not something I made several substitutions, mostly was due to not having and... Be two eggs 1 1/2 C after pressed sweetened chocolaty fluffy tender & Totally drool-worthy my previous recipe a. A sweet tooth and with chocolate and chocolaty, rich, dark chocolate and can ’ get! Waiting to get hold of…do I need to be vegan, gluten-free blend... Fine sea salt on top with zucchini 2 Tbsp ( 14 g ) flaxseed meal + Tbsp! Going whole food plant based cacao both in powder and the vegan zucchini muffins are a combination my.